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Watch Dogs vs GTA not even a thing, says Ubisoft

There's room for "more than one great game in the world", according to Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin, who doesn't seem the least bit nervous about going up against Grand Theft Auto 5 this year.

“For the sake of every player out there, I like to believe that there is space for more than one great game in this world,” Ubisoft Montreal's Morin told MCV.

“I would simply say that Watch Dogs is created by a very talented group of people who desire nothing more than to create something new, fresh and relevant for today's players."

Comparisons have been drawn between GTA and Watch Dogs because are urban open worlds, but Morin feels the two are pretty different.

“Controlling an entire city and invading its population provides a completely different way of interacting with your surroundings and offers unprecedented dynamism. For us, it’s about creating a unique experience that feels so natural and immersive it’ll seem impossible to achieve," he said.

"With Watch Dogs, we want to push gaming forward in our own way. We do play open world games and it surely influenced us in some way. But creating an experience is never about adding elements your neighbours have. It is all about delivering the fantasy and experience you are seeking."

Neat. As it happens, Watch Dogs has a little breathing room anyway - it's due in November, while GTA 5 drops in September. Watch Dogs is coming to PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One; the next-gen platforms are without a release date for now.

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