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Wasteland 1 has been submitted to Good Old Games and Steam

In the latest update to backers, inXile's project lead Chris Keenan announced that the studio's rerelease of Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic has been submitted to both Good Old Games and Steam for approval and should be available on those stores before too long. All backers of Wasteland 2, including those who are getting a copy of the game through their Planescape Torment pledge will be receiving either a Steam or Good Old Games key for Wasteland 1 free.

In addition, the guys over at inXile Entertainment have responded to community feedback on the build of Wasteland 1 the team showed last update by implementing a toggle for the new smoothing, allowing you swap and tweak portraits, integrating the game's manual into tooltips and ensuring it works properly on Mac and Linux.

While the sequel's beta isn't quite ready, Keenan promises that it's not too far off, with the team testing Steam distribution of the beta.

Also, T-Shirts are being shipped, so look forward to that if you backed highly enough.

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