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The Humble Jumbo Bundle 10 will give you Wasteland 2 and six other games for $10

Humble Bundle continues to serve up the goods with yet another 'jumbo' bundle deal.

Joining the currently active Humble Extra Life Bundle and the truly excellent Humble Day of the Devs 2017 Bundle, this new bundle offers further cheap treats.

The Humble Jumbo Bundle 10 currently offers up 7 games for little money, but more will be added to the middle 'beat the average' tier within a week.


Right now, if you pay any amount of money, you'll be given these games:

  • Grey Goo Definitive Edition
  • Epistory - Typing Chronicles
  • Oddworld New 'n' Tasty

Oddworld is the highlight there, but the other two sound interesting as well. Beat the current average (currently $5.55) and you'll also get these:

  • Prototype 2
  • Kingdom: New Lands
  • How to Survive 2

Along with more, currently unannounced games in a week. Finally, the $10 tier nets you just one game, but it's a good one - Wasteland 2: Director's Cut. This huge CRPG offers a huge adventure that will be sculpted by the choices you make along the way. You'll also net the game's soundtrack as a little bonus.

As always, you can choose how to split the profits from this bundle, with charity profits this time going to the Call of Duty Endowment, which is focused on employing war veterans.

This bundle will be available for the next two weeks.

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