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Wargaming: once Xbox One and Oculus hit 5-10 million users, "we're there," says CEO

World of Tanks developer Wargaming could get VR support if Oculus Rift hits between 5-10 million users, and the same goes for Xbox One. That's the ultimatum laid down by company CEO Victor Kislyi, who has discussed the kind of numbers needed for a valid free-to-play proposition in today's market.


Speaking with CVG, Kislyi said explained that because there's a minority of player actually paying to enjoy content in free-to-play titles, platforms like Oculus and Xbox One would need a bigger install base before they'd earn Wargaming's support.

"If it's big, if it's global, we're going to be there," he stated. "We are free-to-play, and now even further down the road, we are free-to-win. Seventy-five per cent of our players never pay a penny, and we love those players. For free-to-play, five to ten million is a good user-base. So if Xbox One or Oculus reach those numbers, we're there."

He added, "75% of our players will never, ever pay us a penny. For other games this percentage can be even bigger, up to 90-95%."

It makes proper business sense, but free-to-play and VR could indeed co-exist. Why, here's Sony Online Entertainment saying it's "hugely interested," in PS4's Project Morpheus tech.



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