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War of the Roses Guns of Burgundy update adds handgonnes

The latest free content update for War of the Roses adds the world's first portable firearm to the mix - handgonnes.

Handgonnes can take out enemies as they flee and even punch through the shields of knights, making them a pretty handy weapon in extremis.

Four different kinds are available, although apparently they're only usable by "knights with a steady arm and reliable flint".

The update also includes and one new map, Ravenspurn, which supports Conquest, Team Deathmatch and Pitched Battle modes.

There's a couple of new pieces of equipment, too, including the Brigandine Armour, the Kettle Sallet Helmet, Hand Pavise Shield and the Burgundian Side Sword.

Oh, and Fatshark has also fiddled with the UI; you'll now see popups alerting you to events and news.

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