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War in the North assets introduce you to Beleram the Great Eagle

Warner and Snowblind Studios have released a look at War in the North's massive eagle Beleram.

Eagles in The Lord of the Rings were not the most noble of creatures, save for the Great Eagles out of the northern mountains.

Beleram hails from the later, and in War in the North, he is first introduced when the party of in-game heroes come upon him chained up in Fornost Erain located at the south end of the North Downs.

The fortress, at the time the War of the Ring takes place, has been abandoned for centuries and is now overrun with foul creatures.

In the game, this Great Eagle becomes almost a fourth member of the player's party by providing an aerial and combat advantage as the game heroes try to overthrow Agandaur, Sauron’s chief lieutenant in the North. Beleram’s skills and strengths, when strategically used, can preserve the life of the Fellowship and the group's mission.

This new mechanic will be on display during E3 next week via a playable demo.

Check out the new screens and video for Lord of the Rings: War in the North below.

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