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Volition: Red Faction series backtrack is an "evolution", retains "possibilities"


Volition's Eric Barker has said Red Faction: Armageddon's return to linearity after Guerilla's open world is an "evolution" for the series, and retains the latter's sense of "possibilities".

"We wanna feel that every time it's kinda evolving a little bit," Barker told Gamespot.

"[In Guerilla], it was open world. We had all these fantastic possibilities. Well, we've kept the possibilities, we've kept those - we've shortened the distances."

Barker justifies the series' return to linear progression by citing improved story telling, non-stop action, reduced travel times, and varying level design.

"We wanna give you as much environmental diversity as possible; we think that's another advantage in terms of the evolution," he opined.

The marketing manager also highlighted Armageddon's destructible environments - which now operate as a gameplay mechanic in a much more integrated fashion than Guerilla's arguably aesthetic destruction - as an example of ongoing evolution.

See the full interview below.

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