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Virgin Gaming: how easy is it to actually win money at FIFA?

Virgin Gaming can net you some money if you're good enough at games. VG247's Sam Clay asks the big question: how good do you have to be to actually win money on it? Sam fires up FIFA 13 to find out.

After getting all giddy from soaking up 'eSports' at the start of the month (I attended Multiplay's Insomnia), I thought it would be a good time to investigate my own gaming skills. I wanted to answer my burning question, 'How good am I'?

Early last week I attempted to make some sort of claim that I was actually quite good at FIFA - at least I thought I was. So what better way to put it to the test by trying out Virgin Gaming, the sure fire way to make money playing games competitively?

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The Challenge Explained

So with the Christmas break looming, I've spent hours twiddling thumb-sticks while playing the PS Vita version of the game - which I must say is great for train journeys, even if scoring 'super-goals' on the tube and stopping yourself from yelping is somewhat hard.

The challenge I'd put forward to myself was to spend/play $15 worth of matches and see how things play out - If I win, then I'll then aim to make a positive outcome of $15. A simple challenge I thought.

The Virgin Gaming service is very simple, sign up, login and then join one of their money lobbies. You then hit quick match and hopefully you'll get matched up with someone who is the same skill level as yourself. It then reflects on FIFA Arena in-game and then you simply choose to join the game. Admittedly this sounds properly complicated, however, it's dead simple.

I actually played the first match yesterday during a livestream - testing out VG247's new livestream capabilities in the process and taking the opportunity to look like a 'n00b' in front of the world.

So then, what happened? Well, errr...this.

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