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i47: inside UK's 'Glastonbury of gaming'

Sam Clay just returned from i47 in Telford, the latest iSeries event hosted by Multiplay. Known to some as the "Glastonbury of gaming," we thought it'd probably be a good idea to find out why.

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The iSeries, now in its 47th occurrence, is the UK's biggest gaming festival - bringing in over 2,000 players from across the globe. It's a massive LAN. Gamers bring along their own PCs and consoles and get stuck into a solid four days of gaming. Many attending take place in cash tournaments, while others attend to sit at the bar for eight hours with their mates. It's a social thing.

With the obviously friendly atmosphere, it becomes immediately clear why some of the people we'd interviewed have been coming to iSeries events for so long. The heart of gaming was definitely there.

Craig Fletcher, MD at Multiplay, was also on hand. Check it in the video above.

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