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Video Archive: We Press Our Luck in Symphony of the Night (Again) [Archived!]

By popular request, Jeremy revisits his Luck Code playthrough of this Castlevania classic.

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You demanded it! And we said, "Eh, why the heck not?" This week's Tuesday edition of USstreamer returns to the gothic world of 32-bit Transylvania for another stab at the foul heart of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.

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If you joined us for our first Symphony USstreamer, you had the opportunity to watch me play ever-so-tentatively through Dracula's castle with greatly reduced stats and insane luck. Somehow, though, rather than finding it terribly dull you guys demanded more. More! More! Maybe it was the hilarious randomness of killing a dreaded boss in two lucky critical strikes that did it.

So, we deliver. Today, I'll be resuming my save file where I left off, at the threshold of the castle catacombs. In case you need to catch up, the majority of the previous playthrough has been preserved thanks to the magic of YouTube on the announcement page for the first Symphony stream. Have a watch, join me for an unpredictable trip through the next leg of the castle, and come back afterwards to discuss the final phase of the game in this week's USgamer Club entry. USgamer has Castlemania!

Sorry, that was a terrible joke. I apologize.

The stream kicks off at 5 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Pacific. Join us!

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