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VGX 2013: No Man's Sky and two Telltale games announced - all news here

Spike TV's VGX was held this evening, bringing with it all sorts of news, debuts, trailers and announcements. VG247 posted news from the event as it happened as usual, so you will want to hit the break to find out all the happenings.

While a few things changed for the show this year - mainly the name changing to a more dyslexia friendly moniker - some things stayed the same: developers came on the set to chat about their games, new trailers were shown, and host Joel McHale made some cringe worthy "jokes".

A pre-show, which started 15 minutes beforehand showed a look at the Thief reboot from Eidos.

The biggest change other than the name, was how the show was presented this year: it was not be broadcast live on Spike TV, but was instead live-streamed on various Viacom-owned websites and through Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Twitch, Hulu, Yahoo, and Steam.

The condensed hour-long special will not be shown until Monday, for the mainstream viewer. Instead, gamers will be getting a three hour live-stream because that is "exactly what gamers" asked for, according to Geoff Keighley.

"Gamers have told us they want more content, more news, more developers on stage, more awards," he told Polygon. "This year I think there is the opportunity with all of these streaming digital platforms to make a show for the core gamer. In the past, it's always been this sort of forced marriage between what gamers want and what's going to work as a big event, two-hour television show.

"We used to try and force these things together. This year we are trying to say we have the show for the core audience, which is the streaming show on Saturday, and then for the more mainstream viewers there is an hour television show you can watch on Spike on Monday which is going to give you the highlights.

"You may not want to see a ten minute demo from [Double Fine's Tim] Schafer on the livestream, but you might be interested in getting his news and seeing a minute of it on Monday."

Remember, you asked for it.

Because of the change, our coverage worked a bit differently this year: instead of sitting in the bed, watching the show on Spike TV and drinking cider while tweeting the happenings and adding in the odd quip or two, I sat at my desk covering the show while blowing my brains out into various tissues due to a massive head cold. So, sadly for me and bully for you, there wasn't any drunk tweeting and calling it the "VAG" awards this year.

All breaking news and trailers have been posted in separate articles and you can find links to each in the boxout above.

Quite a bit of trailers were revealed at the event: a new South Park: The Stick of Truth video was unveiled by Matt Stone and Trey Parker; a fresh look Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze was shown by Reggie himself; other world-premiere clips will included Titanfall, Quantum Break, Broken Age, Dying Light, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and two trailers from Square Enix -Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Thief.

No Man’s Sky, the next game from Joe Danger studio Hello Games, was shown, as well as the announcement of Telltale's version of A Game of Thrones and a collaboration with Gearbox Software called Tales from the Borderlands.

Oh, and the awards were handed out as well.

You can rewatch the program through the Twitch stream below.

Watch live video from GameTrailers on

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