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Users complaining about lack of FOV slider in Far Cry 4 PC have pirated copies

Far Cry 4 developers left a little treat for pirates of the PC version of the game.

far-cry-4-e3 (1)

Far Cry 4 does have an FOV slider. The feature is available in the game's day one patch. Those who pirated the PC version however wouldn't have gotten that patch when the game came out and thus began flooding the developers' Twitter accounts and other message boards about the lack of the feature.

Creative director Alex Hutchinson tweeted this in response to those complaining about the lack of FOV slider.

So there you have it, a neat little trick to out those with pirated copies.

Monitor sizes and resolutions vary widely from one PC to another. Adding to that the fact that most PC players sit closer to their monitors than console players to their TVs, and so having an FOV slider is an essential feature for shooters on the platform.

Thanks, Joystiq.

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