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UK pre-orders of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron net some nifty bonuses

Pre-order offers for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron have been detailed for the UK Those who decided to throw money at the game early will receive various items, depending on the retailer.

GAME (UK ) - An unlock code for the G1 RETRO PACK - Play as G1 OPTIMUS PRIME from the original 1980s animated television show both in single-player and multiplayer, and wield the G1-INSPIRED MEGATRON GUN and in single-player, the SHOCKWAVE BLAST CANNON weapon.

PLAY - An unlock code for SWOOP, the Dinobots' "legendary air ace." Change from Swoop's robot form into flying Dinobot mode to attack your opponents from above.

Shopto and other retailers - An unlock code for the G2 BRUTICUS SKIN for the single-player campaign, designed with rare and vivid colors from the classic BRUTICUS toyline model.

Game's out August 24.

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