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Ubisoft: Splinter Cell: Conviction to last 12-16 hours


Ubisoft has said in a Facebook live-chat that the combined running time of Splinter Cell: Conviction is between 12-16 hours when mashing single player and the prologue co-op mode together.

"Game length for story (SP and COOP combined) should run between 12 and 16 hours," said Ubisoft's Game Director, Patrick Redding.

"With Deniable Ops, it will be interesting to see how much replay value players get out of it!"

Redding also re-confirmed the game's recent delay from next month to April was just to "polish" the game.

"We want the extra time to polish. That's it! To quote the master: 'A late game can eventually be good, but a bad game will always be bad...'"

Thanks, VE3D.

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