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Ubisoft confirms Rayman Legends development

Ubisoft has confirmed Rayman Legends, which is currently in development from Michel Ancel and his team in Montpellier.

The firm also issued a statement regarding the leaked video posted earlier this morning:

“An internal video showing images of Rayman Origins’ sequel has leaked over the Internet," said the firm. "This video was intended as a purely internal demonstrative video, and in NO way represents the final game, the final console or their features.

"This video was destined for internal production teams who often create game prototypes with work in progress development kits."

The video in question was posted earlier by website Gamekult showing information previously-outed through a survey released earlier in the week.

Showing Wii U-specific features such as NFC support previously previously poo-pooed by Nintendo, the video was quickly blocked by Ubisoft.

Content in the video showed items on the tablet controller coinciding with happenings on the game screen, as well as a Rabbid being placed on the controller and  transformed into the game.

Ezio from Assassin’s Creed was also shown being thrust into the game.

It was revealed yesterday that Ubisoft registered two domains for Rayman: Legends.

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