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Ubisoft: Beyond Good & Evil more than "trendy features"

Beyond Good & Evil's timelessness, genre and graphics make it an excellent candidate for an HD revamp, according to Ubisoft's Eric Damian-Vernet, because it doesn't rely on "trendy features".

"A lot of games become obsolete the day they're released, but Beyond Good & Evil and games such as Nintendo's classics and Team Ico's titles are different," the associate producer told CVG.

"They have this timeless quality because there is more to them than a set of trendy features.

"When it was released over seven years ago, BG&E stood out with its immersive story and strong characterisation, the richness of the world... These are qualities that are never going to be outdated. Beyond Good & Evil is still a great game by today's standards."

Damian-Vernet commented that few games are worth polishing up for an HD release.

"No matter how hard you try to make them presentable, they still feel dated," he said of older racers and shooters.

"There are so many better options available today, so why would you go back to playing these, besides nostalgia?

"On the other hand, there aren't many quality sci-fi/fantasy adventure games on the market these days, and the adventure genre hasn't evolved that much in comparison to other genres. And because of its distinct art style, BG&E has aged much better than games with realistic art."

Beyond Good & Evil is available now on Steam and Xbox Live Arcade, and will arrive on the PlayStation Network soon.

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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