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Twisted Pixel has two games currently in development


Josh Bear, CCO and co-founder of Twisted Pixel, has said the team's currently working on two different games at the moment.

Speaking with Evil Avatar during the site's podcast, The Maw, Comic Jumper and 'Splosion Man developer dropped the news that "manpower was enough to allow them to work on two projects at once" now instead of doing DLC for Comic Jumper - for now.

Bear expects an announcement regarding the firm's next project to be let out of the bag before the end of the year.

Back in July, Harmonix’s Dan Teasdale, the lead designer for Rock Band 3, took a position at Twisted Pixel to work on "a ridiculously cool new project", so there's a fifty-fifty chance the announcement could be said 'cool" project.

Or maybe even the console MMO for Turbine.

We'll just have to wait and see.

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