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Turn 10 explain why you can't drive the Warthog in Forza 4

Turn 10's Creative Director Dan Greenwalt has gone on the record explaing why you can look at a very pretty version of Halo's Warthog in Forza Motorsport 4 but not actually drive it.

Chatting to Eurogamer, Greenwalt explains that it would've just been too much effort and investment to make Master Chief's vehicle of choice perform the same way it does in Halo in the Forza engine.

"It's got some technology that's built into Halo that would have been a big investment for us to then build into the game only to support one vehicle," he told the site.

""To do with vehicle dynamics in general, it's a very, very tall vehicle. It's got four wheel steering to a very large degree. It's one thing to have four wheel steering on a car like a GTO - you know, real cars. But to have the amount of crab walking that car can actually do, per the specs? We're technically oriented. We don't just kinda do things. We researched the Warthog. We were like, well, we would have to do, literally, crab walking steering on the front and back. Technically we don't support that because no real world cars in our game do."

Forza 4's cars are designed to handle as closely to their real-world counterparts as possible when all the assists are turned off - with no real vehicle to compare it to, the Warthog will be something you can look at but not touch for now.

The massive vehicle is viewable in the game's Autovista mode, where you can hear Halo's Cortana or Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson describe the specifications of the vehicle, which in the Halo universe is from the year 2525.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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