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Tuesday Shorts, Overnight Edition - GeoHot as a school kid, Drakensang beta, and Civilization sale

So much news, so little time - not to mention, quite a lot of stuff which is a bit fringe. Here's your short-and-sweets, then.

  • Gizmodo's done a bit on what iPhone and PS3 hacker was like in middle school.
  • Jerry Lawson, inventor of the game cartridge, has passed away. Another founding father lost.
  • If you have a Japanese Xbox Live account, you can grab a demo of vertical shooter Bullet Soul.
  • Drakensang Online is taking beta applications. The upcoming MMO is based on the single-player RPG series.
  • Bloodrayne develoepr Terminal reality once pitched an FPS based on the Universal Monster license. Destructoid has the details.
  • Civilization IV and V are cheap on Amazon for a limited time only.
  • There's a World of Warcraft guild dedicated to peaceful play, and one member has hit level 85 without killing or questing.
  • Would you marry someone who used a Pokéball instead of a ring box? Pics and all at Go Nintendo.
  • Someone's used the Move.Me suite of tools to make a PS Move mouse driver, according to Engadget.
  • Speaking of, the PS Move has outsold the Kinect in Japan. Which is not very surprising, as there's only about six Xbox 360s in the whole country.
  • See the amazing Game Boy make music on Joystiq.
  • Kotaku turned up a video of unlikely characters auditioning for Mortal Kombat. Want to see Link pull off a fatality?


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