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Treyarch made Modern Warfare 2's sales its benchmark

Treyarch's David Vonderhaar has said the Black Ops developer had a lofty target in its sights: Modern Warfare 2's crown.

“Every developer dreams of making the No.1 selling title in the history of gaming,” said, speaking to MCV.

“You want to make the biggest, strongest, highest-rated, most critically acclaimed and best-selling video game on the planet.

"We looked at Modern Warfare 2 and said: ‘What an amazing benchmark, let’s go get it’."

Despite Black Ops' outstripping of its brethren in rate of sales, 2009's titan still haunts the Treyarch team.

"It drives a lot of what we do everyday," Vonderhaar said. "It is a huge inspiration to us, and for us to even be in that league, that’s fantastic.”

Thanks, GoNintendo.

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