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Traveller's Tales "exploring" LEGO Kinect, Move possibilities

Traveller's Tales production boss Jonathan Smith has confirmed that the studio is "exploring" the possibility of developing a LEGO game with Kinect and Move.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Smith said that anything on the LEGO side that will feature motion controls will be different to current Kinect and Move games.

"It's definitely something we're exploring," he said to the site.

"We're always excited by new developments and we're always looking at doing new things.

"It seems to us that a motion-controlled LEGO game would be different to the LEGO games we're making at the moment, in the same way LEGO Rock Band was."

Smith continued: "Although it had mini-figure characters and shared some of the same structural characteristics and sense of humour, it was from a gameplay point of view very different to what else we've been doing, because that's how you play that kind of game.

"Those are the questions we're asking ourselves at the moment."

TT's latest LEGO game, based on Pirates of the Caribbean, doesn't feature Kinect or Move support, but it does now have a date: Disney confirmed a release date of May 13 earlier today for the game on PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, DS, PC and 3DS.

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