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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is the most popular battle royale game on Steam since PUBG launched

Totally Accurate Battlegrounds, a game that began life as a joke, is the biggest battle royale game on Steam since PUBG launched.

The game was free for the first 100 hours of its life, and that seems to have given it a boost in popularity. Still, even Radical Heights, which was always free to download, never got anywhere near the 20,000 concurrent players Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has managed.

Its tongue-in-cheek, physics-based shooting seems to have resonated with the audience, too, and the game currently has a “very positive” review rating on Steam.

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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is ranked 24th for the most played games on Steam at the time of writing, just above Stardew Valley. It previously climbed to 11th before dropping down a little.

It will be interesting to see if it retains its playerbase when it gets slapped with its $5 price tag. That’ll likely depend on the quality and consistency of its updates.

Cheers, Githyp.

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