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Total War: Warhammer Blood and Gore DLC is out, carries the name you'd expect

Creative Assembly missed the chance to call the game Total Warhammer, so it's making up for it by giving the Blood and Gore DLC the proper name.


Like the many Total War games before it, Total War: Warhammer is now due for its Blood and Gore DLC.

This add-on usually becomes available for these games a few weeks after launch, and Warhammer is no different. Developer Creative Assembly has, however, chosen the perfect in-universe name for it: Blood for the Blood God - referencing a book of the same name about one of the Chaos god of war's chosen.

The DLC brings a number of effects to the game, such as dismember and blood spurts.

Here's everything it adds:

  • Blood spurts
  • Gory spatter on unit models
  • Limb and head dismemberment (humanoids and non-legendary characters)
  • Zombies, skeletons and Grave Guard may continue to fight after dismemberment!
  • Explosive Gibbing from deadly mid-torso strikes
  • Blood-drenched UI elements
  • New random, global campaign events that generate greater carnage in battle

It's priced $3 / £2. Once installed, you'll find a toggle for it in the game's Advanced Graphics Settings menu.

Catch the announcement trailer here:

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