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Total War: Warhammer already has nearly 1000 mods

Anyone looking to tweak their Total War: Warhammer game won't be short for options.

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Total War: Warhammer already has over 1000 mods

Total War: Warhammer is insanely good and exceedingly popular, which might not be a huge surprise. What is surprising is how quickly the modding community fully embraced the game. According to a video produced by Total War, over 1000 mods have already been created within a month of Total War: Warhammer's launch. Which is only a slight exaggeration if you're going by Steam Workshop, where there are exactly 958 mods.

Either way, what kind of mods are available to players? Well, there are reskins for various factions, such as this one giving the Mousillon vampires a Brettonian influence. There's also the Greenskins teef currency which replaces traditional gold or new loading screens with Warhammer art. Then you have the sweet-looking Larger Units mod, which increases unit sizes when using Ultra graphics settings - making each battle look even more outrageous. is out now for PC, with the mods mentioned above and hundreds more available on Steam.

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