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Total War: Rome 2 dev reveals playable 'Carthage' faction along with new screen

Total War: Rome 2 developer The Creative Assembly has unveiled and detailed one of the games key factions. The north-African Carthaginian army comes from the trading state Carthage, and with it brings a mighty force to challenge the Roman empire. See them in action and get more details below.

The faction was revealed over at the Total War Wiki, following a press release sent by Sega. The wiki reveal includes the following descriptor:

"Carthage is an expansionist trading state with a small indigenous population. As such, the bulk of its armies consist of mercenary units. The core of its land forces, however, are elite Carthaginian citizens known as the Sacred Band and mighty war elephants from the forests of North Africa. Accomplished seamen, their ships are fast and manoeuvrable, with good ramming and missile capabilities.

"As a playable faction, Carthage benefits from its mastery of the waves and its heritage as a great trading nation. As a democracy, it also enjoys an improved level of population happiness. The player also has the choice to play as one of three major political powers, each of which confers further military, economic and cultural benefits."

Here are the first Carthage screens:

VG247 posted an Total War: Rome 2 interview with The Creative Assembly earlier this year, in which we spoke about the disputes between Carthage and Rome, and the number of conflicts this could cause in the game. Check it out here:

Total War Rome 2 interview: decadence returns.

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