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Sega's PC games will now ship in fully recyclable packaging

Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates will be the first PC games from Sega to officially ship with environmentally-friendly packaging.

"We're pleased to announce that all of our future physical releases of PC games will be launched in fully recycled packaging!" Sega revealed today.

The packaging will be 100 percent recycled - including its manual - and uses recyclable cardboard. Printing on the package will use water and vegetable-based inks, and will include shrink-wrap with low-density polyethylene. Even the disc can be recycled "via specialists," according to the company.

“While this approach does come at an extra cost to Sega Europe, this is in part offset by cheaper distribution,” says Sega. The savings will be made in part through the lower fuel costs to ship these lighter products, as well as cheaper destruction costs.

Sega has previously tested out physically releasing last year's Football Manager 2020 with recycled packaging.

“This initiative underlines SEGA Europe’s commitment to reducing its plastic waste and its ongoing efforts to implement environmentally friendly business practices,” said president of Sega Europe Gary Dale in a prepared statement. “Our estimations with regards to Football Manager 2020 suggested we’d save up to 20 tonnes of plastic packaging for that title alone, so taking this step for the rest of our PC portfolio would see that saving rise exponentially.”

Total War: Rome 2 - Enemy at the Gates Edition, which packages the 2013 release with three DLC expansions, launches February 6.

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