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Total War developer 'absolutely intends' to support SteamOS

The Creative Assembly is bang behind SteamOS, and sees no problem in porting its games to Linux for Valve's new hardware scheme.

Total War brand director Rob Bartholomew expressed plenty of enthusiasm for the new platform when PCGamesN asked him if Creative Assembly would port the strategy games to Linux.

“There’s absolutely no reason why not. It’s not something that’s ever particularly worried us. We port to Mac already, so we’re kind of used to porting Total War to other OSes – or at least our partners at Feral who do that Mac work for us, that’s certainly something we’re very familiar with," he said.

"We’ve certainly got no worries about Linux as a platform, and as you know, we’ve appeared on the SteamOS page, and our intention is absolutely to support the OS."

Any issues that arrive in the porting process will probably be resolved in collaboration with Valve, he added.

“If we ever did have any problems with that we’d certainly solve it with them. We’d obviously want to make sure that if we released a version of Rome 2 for SteamOS specifically, that it worked really nicely with the infrastructure that they’ve got planned for that," he said.

Bartholomew said strategy might not be what you think of when you contemplate playing games in your living room, but that won't stop the Creative Assembly. The team said recently that it will take them no time at all to whip up a control scheme for Valve's shiny new controller.

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