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Topware: Next Two Worlds game "coming out in 2012"

Topware has apparently outed its next Two Worlds title, amid a scuffle over Two Worlds II review scores.

Topware has been accused of asking for increased in scores for fantasy RPG Two Worlds II, but issued a statement to Beefjack on the matter in which it made mention of another game in the series.

"We feel as a company we have made great strides with our game and look forward to our next installment," said the company.

Further, Destructoid picked up the Beefjack piece, to which TopWare's James Seaman made a comment: which included a Two World III release date.

"We try to do a better job every time, and have brought in a brand new 3D modelling, animation and CG team for the next Two Worlds game coming out in 2012," he said.

Two Worlds II released in Europe last November, but didn't arrive in the US until February on Steam.

The game has a PS3 MC of 74 percent; a 360 MC of 69 percent; and a PC MC of 76 percent.

Thanks, Ripten.

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