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Thursday Shorts: 600 PSOne Classics in Japan, Bulletstorm rips into RROD, Spy Party, Space Shuttle HOME details

Grab a sausage roll or two and a cup of tea. Here are all your shorts that aren't worth covering as their own story.

  • Someone's captured a segment of Bulletstorm which seems to take a jab at Microsoft and 360's infamous Red Ring of Death. Full video is on Joystiq.
  • PSOne Classics in Japan have now hit 600 titles, SCE's announced. That's your lot. Thanks, Siliconera.
  • Konami's releasing a nine-part boxed collection of the Silent Hill soundtrack from games in the series' past from Silent Hill 1 to Silent Hill Arcade. Release seems to be a Japanese-only thing, though. More on Joystiq.
  • Someone's turned Heavy Rain into a movie. All the major clips from the Quantic Dream thriller are all in the near three-hour film. Watch it on Ve3d.
  • Upcoming indie title Spy Party is going to be at PAX East as well as GDC. More on that and a whole scoop of details on the game through here.
  • Siliconera has screens of Samurai Warriors: Chronicles' customisation features. Game's out at launch for 3DS on March 25 in Europe and March 27 in the US.
  • As Hudson prepares to be fully absorbed by parent company Konami, someone's posted on The Kartel his experience at working with the company.
  • Joystiq has a pretty comprehensive round-up of where the developers of Activision's Hero line-up are all up to now.
  • Mortal Online is having a free 14-day trial. Get more information here.
  • Developer RedLynx have released a video for its new iOS game which will apparently last 1000 days and will contain a new map and a new hero each day. Get more from TSA.
  • Funcom is gearing up for new Age of Conan PvP servers with corpse looting.
  • World of Tanks has broken the Guinness World Record for most simultaneously players online on an MMO server. The record is now 91,311 which beats Second Life's 88,000 back in 2009.
  • Recent XBLM outages in the UK were due to an upgrade of the system. As a "sorry about this" MS, is handing out 80 MSP to some lucky users. Via CVG.
  • You can watch the space shuttle Discovery launch via LOOT’s Sunset Yacht in PlayStation Home today at 4:50pm EST.
  • Survey Says: The mobile gaming market is dominated by folks who are younger, wealthier, better educated and likely to be female. Via Gama.

Now back to work.

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