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THQ to publish Amnesia: The Dark Descent in US

THQ has announced it's to publish Amnesia: The Dark Descent at retail.

Previously available as a download title only, the game sold close to 200,000 copies during its first few months of availability as a self-release from Swedish studio Frictional Games.

Retail stores in the US will be stocking it come February 22.

Amnesia originally released on September 8, 2010.

The digital version's available on Steam for €15.

The title is a first-person horror, and uses similar physical environment interaction to Frictional's Penumbra series. Amnesia doesn't give players weapons, instead forcing them to flee and hide from enemies.

The dark is used as a key element in gameplay, with the player's sanity meter rising if they stay out of the light for too long. Go mad and you start seeing things - and monsters can find you more easily.

It's a well-rated game with at 85 on MetaCritic, as well as three nominations in this year's IGF awards.

Thanks, IGN.

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