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Thomas Was Alone's PSN publisher unhappy with Xbox One's indie strategy

Curve Studios has issued a statement expressing disappointment in Microsoft's approach to indie games on Xbox One. They're the same team that brought Mike Bithell's Thomas Was Alone to PS3 and PS Vita recently, and they're not best pleased.

It follows Microsoft's decision to scrap Xbox Live Indie Games on Xbox One, and remove the distinction between core and Xbox Live Arcade titles on the system's dash. Many indie devs have since slammed the move.

Curve's managing director Jason Perkins said in his statement, "XBLA was a trailblazer last generation, so it's sad to see Microsoft not announcing dedicated support for independent developers on the Xbox One. Refusing to concentrate on easier submissions and discoverability leaves the way clear for Sony to capture the most innovative market in gaming right now.

"Sony's show of support for developers, including showing independent releases not only front and centre on their store front but also during the PlayStation 4 reveal is creating a more open, co-operative market for independent games to enter the living room on a level playing field."

What do you make of the above? Is Microsoft playing silly buggers with its arcade and indie approach? Let us know below.

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