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This Witcher 3 fan film features official Geralt cosplay model engaging in swordplay

Here's something fun and The Witcher 3 related to start your Friday off on the right foot.

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The fan film stars CD Projekt's official Geralt of Rivia promo model Ben Schamma of Maul Cosplay. He's the model in that unofficial The Witcher 3 Cosplay Calendar too.

According to a post on his Facebook page, the shoot took place in LA last year and was produced by Erika Rogers, who plays Triss in the fan film. It was finally ready for prime time as it were just a few days ago.

"Finally it's done," wrote Schamma on Facebook. "I hope you like it. Before you start bashing anything, don't forget - it's a fan made film and there will be people reading these comments who spent a whole lot of time and money on this."

It's basically an action scene, with lots of swordplay and some fireball tossing by Triss.


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