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This Super Mario Odyssey live action musical trailer will brighten your day

Super Mario Odyssey is out this month, so of course the hype campaign is in overdrive. Here's a lovely new live action ad for the game to get you excited.

This new musical trailer has a decent chunk of gameplay footage in it, but it's mostly a mood piece for the game, which we're very excited about.

We first heard this song, 'Jump Up, Super Star!', back in the E3 trailer, but since then it's taken on a life of its own. Now, in this video, we get to see a bunch of people dressed up and dancing to it while a CGI Mario gets his groove on in front of them, because sometimes life is good.

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We see Mario running through the streets of New Donk City, before eventually throwing Cappy through a man's window, hitting him in the head and possessing him. Later, he possessed a dog, because every good trailer needs a dog. It's a fun trailer, kind of like Destiny 2's Japanese dance battle trailer (it has recently been pointed out to me that live action dance trailers are the way to my heart).

If you can ignore the fact that repeating 'Odyssey, yes-ee' is bad songwriting, you should have a good time with this.

We recently saw some new footage from the game during the Nintendo World Championships, and we imagine as we inch closer to launch we'll get treated to new footage and discoveries.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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