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This sleek Lenovo laptop with a 4060 GPU is a steal at Best Buy

Save $500 on this impressive 16-inch laptop.

The Lenovo Legion slim 5 16-inch laptop
Image credit: Jelly Deals / Lenovo

Gaming laptops are impressive pieces of tech, especially now with manufacturers putting powerful components inside while keeping the overall laptop slim and light.

A powerful and slim laptop can get expensive quickly, but there are some big discounts out there. Take this Lenovo Legion Slim 5 16-inch laptop deal for example. It has a massive $500 off at Best Buy at the moment. This is a really nice laptop for playing the latest games on high settings at 1200p, and a total steal for just $850.

Lenovo - Legion Slim 5 16-inch gaming laptop - $850 at Best Buy (was $1,350)

Ryzen 5 7640HS, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB, 512GB SSD

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This sleek laptop only weighs 5.06 lbs (about 2.3kg) and is just under an inch thick, helping it to remain portable despite the larger 16-inch screen.

That 16-inch screen is worth having, as the 16:10 ratio is great for gaming, watching movies and TV, and video and photo editing. You can do all of those tasks easily to thanks to the strong combination of the Ryzen 5 processor and 4060 graphics card. As the screen is only 1920 x 1200 those specifications are more than enough to run the latest games at high settings at native resolution.

You can jump right into loads of top games thanks to the three months of Xbox Game Pass ultimate that comes with the Lenovo Legion 5 slim. This version of the laptop only comes with a 512GB SSD, so you'll have to be a bit more picky with what games you keep installed.

The IO is good on this laptop too, you get two USB-C ports on the left side with a 3.5mm jack, and on the right side an SD card reader. The important ones are handily placed on the back, which are two USB-A 3.2 ports, an HDMI slot, an ethernet port and the charging port. Having all these on the back are great for when you're gaming on your desk so you don't have cables cluttering up your desk.

You could use some of that saved cash to get a headset to pair with it like this discounted Turtle Beach wireless headset. Or why noy check out our Deals section for even more savings on PC gaming and console gaming stuff.

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