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Third developer diary for Enslaved talks about the environment


Ninja Theory has put out another developer diary for Enslaved, it's called Visualizing the Terrain, and in it the developers chat about the game's world and the different environments Trip and Monkey will find themselves in.

The timeline and how nature has reclaimed the world, post-post apocalypse is discussed as well.

Yes. Two "posts" there.

When Trip and Monkey start out in New York City and head west, the landscape and the remnants of massive Mechs will just get more extravagant and kind of fantastical as they go along.

It's definitely going to be lovely to look at, that's for sure.

Watch it below.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West will land in stores October 5 in the US and October 8 in Europe.

There's a demo for it now on the European end of PSN, and the US gets the demo next Tuesday, September 21.

XBL will get the demo "soon".

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Thanks, Machinima.

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