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These 11 minutes of Biomutant gameplay show a much deeper game than we thought

Watching this Biomutant gameplay trailer will give you a much better idea about the game than any of the previous videos.

This one (via IGN) is obviously much longer, at just over 11 minutes, but the real reason is that it does an excellent job of showing off what the game is about.

Pretty much everything shown in the very first CG trailer can be done in the game. The gameplay revolves around shooting smaller monsters to clear the arena a bit and then fight the big guys in melee.

The hero is actually pretty agile, and he's able to jump, roll, and swiftly flip between guns and melee weapons. You'll see a couple of instances where he performs air launchers, juggles, and some Devil May Cry-style moves. He can even fling objects towards enemies.

It's hard to judge how complex the combo system is going to be from the video, but there's certainly a lot of potential.

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There's a nice comic book-style accent to the fights, too, with words like blam, boom, and smack accompanying the different attacks. It adds to the absurd nature of the game, for sure. Outside of the action, the video shows a glimpse of the crafting and RPG mechanics. There's certainly more to Biomutant than meets the eye.

The game is due for release in 2018 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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