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The Witcher 3: Wild At Heart

Are there wolves in the woods, or something more sinister?

The Witcher 3: Wild at Heart

Go to the notice board in Mulbrydale to start this quest, which will then send you in search of a Niellen in the village of Blackbough.

Speak to Niellen and the missing woman's sister and they'll tell you to search the woods and talk to the neighbours.

Glenna and the armourer will tell you look in the woods too, and suggest there's either wild dogs, wolves or something else in the trees. Head on over there.

Around the forest you'll be attacked by wolves. Put them down, then speak to the sister, who will offer you money to go back and tell Niellen his wife is dead. You can choose that option now, or carry on and complete the quest.

Now search the area and you'll find corpses and claw marks. Yep, you're looking for werewolves. Use your Witcher sense to find their lair - you'll come across a short trail and claw marks on a tree. You're looking for a tuft of fur nearby which is hard to find, and then you should follow the scent that winds through the forest. Now follow the path to the hunter's shack.

Go inside and loot the place, then back out and around back where you'll find a lair under the shack. If it's still daytime you'll have to wait (or meditate) until it's dark to then confront the beast. Make sure you're prepared as it will tear you apart with claws if you're not fast enough.

Kill the wolves first, then focus on the werewolf. You'll need to fight him quickly as his health regenerates rapidly. When his health is low enough you'll decide the fate of the woman and the beast.

If you spare the woman, you can kill the werewolf, and claim the key to the locked chest in the shack above.

If you have no mercy and let the werewolf have his vengeance, you will then meet it outside and put it out of its misery. Again, take the key to the locked chest in the shack above and the quest is complete.

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