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This Witcher 3 mod lets you finally explore the Devil's Pit caverns and there's plenty to do down there

If you played The Witcher 3 and felt bummed over the inability to explore the caverns located at the Devil's Pit, you're in luck thanks to a wonderful mod.

A mod which allows The Witcher 3 players to explore the abandoned quarry, Devil's Pit, has been developed and it's rather awesome, in our opinion.

Of course, using console commands on PC allows the player to go through the locked door taking them to the empty caverns, only to find there's nothing there. Thought is CD Projekt Red has planned on using the area at one time but opted not to.

But now, thanks to this mod, you can venture forth and find all sorts of interesting things.

Complete with enhancements and additional features such as a cooking pot, weapons and kits, players will finally be able to access the caverns they've wanted to for so very long. And they will even run into NPCs while underground such as Iorveth and Saskia from The Witcher 2.

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Created by SkacikPL, who brought you The Witcher 3 first-person mod, player will find something rather interesting down in the abandoned mines: the opportunity to fight it out with a mirror copy of the player's Geralt.

To trigger the doppelganger, players need to grab the Summoning Stone located in the burning pit. Using it will summon an exact replica of the player and their equipment and skills. Beat the summoned Geralt, and the player will earn the cursed Plaguebearer steel sword. Nice.

Other items which can be found include: different types of traps, a throwing knife or other weapons, various bombs and essences, an invisibility charm, and more.

If you head over to Nexus Mods, you can look over all of the features included with the Devil's Pit mod for The Witcher 3.

There, you will also find installation instructions and whether or not it will conflict with mods currently installed on PC.

In order for the Devil's Pit mod to work, players must have version 1.31 of the game installed.

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