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The Witcher 3: Magic Lamp

There's plenty of loot to be found in this quest that opens up after Wandering in the Dark.

The Witcher 3: Magic Lamp

This quest becomes available immediately after the Wandering in the Dark main quest.

Follow Keira and use your Witcher senses in the next room to find the doorway. After the cutscene you'll need to light the braziers in the correct order, and it's a simple pattern to follow. If you do this in the wrong order you'll be attacked by wraiths.

  • First: to the immediate right of the doorway you just entered.
  • Second: to the immediate left of the doorway you just entered.
  • Third: to the far right of the doorway.
  • Fourth: to the far left of the doorway.

In the new room you'll want to loot the chest and grab the notes, then climb up the rocks to the right to find a Place of Power.

In the next room you'll find a Golem. These guys are slow, so use your Quen sign for extra protection. It will roll into a ball to attack, and use three consecutive lunging attacks so make sure you dodge and roll to keep your distance.

Once you've killed the Golem, loot the body and the chests in the room. Go through the arch near the stairs and smash down the stones (using a weapon or Aard sign) and take more loot. Now head back the way you came and outside where you'll come across a boulder in your path. This completes the quest!

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