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The Witcher 3: Fists of Fury: Novigrad

Geralt certainly peels to advantage, so lets put all those bulging muscles to use.

The Witcher 3: Fists of Fury: Novigrad

All Fists of Fury quests can be tackled at a lower level than is recommended in-game if you're good at sparring. Parrying and ripostes (hitting parry just before you are hit to stagger your opponent) are the key to success. If you go in at too low a level opponents can take you out in alarmingly few hits, so save your game and test the waters before committing, if you like - but if you can just master ripostes, you'll have no trouble.

Novigrad's fistfight tournament is triggered by checking notice boards around the city advertising the fights.

Your first bout is against a fellow named "Piledriver" Georg, in the Golden Sturgeon tavern. The bookie asks you to throw the fight; if you elect to do so, don't bet on yourself, or you'll lose money. When you make a real attempt, bet heavily, of course; you got this.

The second match is against Archibald O'Neill at the Portside Gate. The third match is near the Southern Gate, against a chap named Iron Mortimer. There are no complications to either battle.

Finally, you'll face off against Novigrad's champion - Durden the Tailor. He's available in the village of Farcorners, near the Glory Gate, after sunset. He's a quicker opponent than you may be used to, so slam your guard up as soon as the battle starts. After that it's just a matter of riposte, riposte, riposte.

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