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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Feet As Cold As Ice Witcher Contract

Whose feet? You'll see.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Feet As Cold As Ice Witcher Contract

This quest contains on opportunity to fulfil a There Can Be Only One objective, so if you don't yet have this quest, collect it and progress to the appropriate point before proceeding.

This is a level 45 Witcher Contract acquired by speaking to Jacquette at the exclamation mark near the Nilfgaardian Embassy in Beauclair. Having agreed to investigate head to the search zone; it’s a short trot from the Beauclair Palace marker.

Francois is found sleeping at a camp you’ll see immediately if you came via the road from Beauclair Palace; Witcher Senses will highlight the sound of his snores. Offer to help him or tell him to get on with it, and either way he’ll trot down into Grottore’s cave.

Inside you’ll find the path to Grottore bocked by roots. You can examine the flowers, bones and cradle filled with shoes, but the way forward is to cast Igni on the flowers. Wait for Geralt to mention this before you start or the quest may not complete correctly. Francois gets in the way if you aim for the patch near him, so try the others near the tunnel mouth first, so he gets out of the way. You need to light several bushes to make the beast appear.

Boss: Grottore

  • Bomb: Dimeritium
  • Oil: Relict
  • Sign: Igni

This is a fairly standard spriggan fight, but complicated by respawning Archespores. If you have a good Quen shield to protect you feel free to ignore the mobs as they just keep coming back when you chop them down.

The key to battling spriggans is to keep at medium range, so you’re out of the way of its close-range melee attacks. When it fires off its longer-range melee, or the attack that shoots roots out in front of it, roll forward and to one side to give it a smack in safety. Just roll away after a few hits and repeat. If you need a breather, try casting Igni.


After the fight you can take the trophy and leave Francois to find another beast to slay, or tell him to man the heck up and go home to tell his lady the truth. (Scroll down for spoilers.) Whichever you choose, don’t forget to loot Grottore and any archespores you killed, and search the cave previously blocked by roots for some more minor loot including cash. Defeating Grottore awards you the virtue of Valor if you’re on the There Can Be Only One secondary quest.

Either way, return to Jacquette for your reward. The scene you see varies depending on what you told Francois after the battle. It doesn’t seem to matter which ending you see or what you tell Jacquette in your chat afterwards; there’s no additional reward down either path.

Story spoilers follow below the image.

the witcher 3 blood and wine

Spoilers: If you tell Francois to take the trophy and man up, he heads home and marries his lady. If you take the trophy instead, he makes another vow, and Jacquette is so disgusted with his obvious prevarication that they break up.

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