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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Equine Phantoms

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Equine Phantoms

This quest is recommended for levels 44 and up, and is acquired at a small settlement north-east of Dun Tynne Crossroads, where you'll see a lone woman in obvious distress.

Agree to help the afflicted hermit with her phantom problem. Have a look around the hut with Witcher Senses to spot some dead moths – there are several piles. Inside the hut, loot the containers and look for a note and some mushrooms on the table opposite the door. Next, check the pillow and the window.

Back outside, follow the blood trail a short distance away until Geralt comments on it. A few moments later the quest will update, so talk with the hermit again. If you read the notes you found inside you can optionally ask about her religious lifestyle. If you want to proceed with the quest you must agree to drink the hermit’s potion. Don’t worry, Geralt takes appropriate steps to protect his dignity.

After a few scenes Geralt will start tripping balls. Have a chat with your faithful companion. It’s worthwhile exploring the optional dialogue. When you have the chance to run around, don’t miss the opportunity to speak to others in the area; they don’t have much to say, but at least one tells Geralt to “bog off”. To proceed, stick with your companion and examine the moths again when prompted. After some discussion, you’ll be off on a chase.

You don’t need to worry too much about this chase; the phantom leaves a trail and rarely moves too far from you if you keep a steady pace in the general direction of the moving waypoint. Keep your stamina above half by dropping back to a canter regularly and you’ll have no issues. You may pass by some bears on the way but just gallop away.

At the end of the chase you’ll have to fight a pair of spectral panthers. When they’re down you’ll face a second pair. They hit hard but with Spectral Oil and Quen to guard against flank attacks you’ll be fine.

After the fight, examine the tombstone (knick the sword and money if you like) and then have a chat with the phantom, exploring all the optional dialogue. You’ll then have the option to argue for your companion to forgive the phantom so it can move on if you want a happy ending to the quest.

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