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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Burlap is the New Stripe

Whoops. I think we've made a muddle of things, Geralt.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Burlap is the New Stripe

This quest leads to Ending 3. There are some variations and an optional cutscene to view, but you've gone and done it now, haven't you?

This isn't the first time Geralt has ended up locked up during The Witcher series, but he doesn't seem resigned to it.

Have a chat with your new pal. Once you have control of Geralt you can dally with a few optional diversions.

Use Witcher Senses to spot a loose rock right by where you start and examine it to find some notes. Reading these unlocks The Perks of Being a Jailbird (recommended level 49 but this means nothing; do it right now or lose your chance forever). Talk to the prisoner seated at the bench on the other side of the courtyard to play Gwent; there’re no immediate consequences to winning, losing, or failing to participate - and no attached quest.

Downstairs in the laundry, collect the soap just near stairs to the lower floor; use Witcher Senses to spot it. Grab the clothes on the opposite side of the room from the tubs, then transfer both items to the tub container. Grab the stick to start a cutscene.

You can try Axii on the inmates for XP and to make it a 2v1 rather than 3v1, but you must fight no matter what. It’s not too hard.

After the cutscenes, you’ll have to walk behind the guard and chat with a few people. Then it’s just a matter of following the guard again, collecting your gear, and walking out through the gate.

In your chat with Regis, you must choose whether to investigate the fifth victim:

  • If you say no, you’ll be taken to Regis’s graveyard for a scene and the story ends.
  • If you say you’ll meet Regis there or travel with him, the story continues as detailed below.

Travel with Regis or meet him at the objective in Beauclair Port. After your chat head up the road and go through the door into the shelter; it’s to the right of the locked door you’ll probably try first. Beat up the thugs you meet there and chat with the proprietor. After the scenes you’ll have some very interesting information.

At this point the quest varies from the Pomp and Strange Circumstances version; you can choose to go drinking with Regis, triggering the graveyard scene and the end of the story, or inform the duchess of what you’ve discovered. There’s then a short, painful scene before you’re off to the graveyard.

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