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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Big Game Hunter Witcher Contract

Count Beledal wants a Witcher, but not for the usual reason.

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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Big Game Hunter Witcher Contract

This Witcher Contract is recommended for levels 37 and up, and is found on notice boards as early as the Cockatrice Inn.

This quest contains opportunities to complete objectives for There Can Be Only One; it's worth picking it up and progressing through the initial steps before you proceed.

After collecting the quest, meet Count Beledal at the objective marker. Agree to help him, and set off towards the first marker on foot.

As you approach the search zone you’ll spot a bear. Skirt around it carefully in a clockwise direction, and then use Witcher Senses to spot the red circles indicating some other beasts nearby. Keeping an eye out for the bear, make your way over. Approach cautiously and cast Axii (any variant) on the panther in the trap. Disarm the trap. to complete the first objective.

As you approach the next search zone it will turn into a moving objective. Follow it until you reach a monster nest. Look around in the search zone to the south of the path for a safe spot for the count on a hill; Witcher Senses make it easier to spot. Bomb the nest, then battle the two giant centipedes to complete the second objective.

Read the map when prompted and head towards the closest search zone. Witcher Senses will help you spot a feather, which allows you to track the flock. When you find them, wait for the Count to get into position, and then cast Axii on any three peacocks.

One more giant centipede will pop up; dispatch it to complete your contractual tasks.

You can learn a little more about the Count by chatting to his guards in the cutscenes that follow; if you’re on the quest There Can Be Only One, be sure to ask what they mean about “a new life”.

It's worthwhile agreeing to check out the count’s exhibition at noon the next day, at Francollets. It’s pretty cool, and you’ll score a neat painting for your vineyard as an extra reward. Ask about the Count’s daughter and you’ll also complete a There Can be Only One objective.

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