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The Witcher 3: A Towerful of Mice

Deal with the ghost and her lover as the drama of this quest unfolds.

The Witcher 3: A Towerful of Mice

Once you've completed An Invitation from Keira Metz you'll kick off this proper quest.

Get on over to Keira's boat and head south. When you dock you'll be attacked by a lot of enemies, so go in aggressively and take no prisoners. You'll be facing Drowners and Rotfiends, so be careful of the explosions and try and use them to your advantage. There are some Ghouls nearby for added annoyance.

Head towards the tower, and try to avoid more Drowners and Water hags if you want to make it a little easier for yourself. Inside the tower use your Witcher senses and activate the lamp where you'll hear the ghosts.

Go through the door and down the stairs, loot whatever you like on the way, then listen to the ghosts where the area glows green. Now go back up and up another flight of stairs to listen to more ghosts near the fireplace using the lamp.

On the third floor you can loot more stuff and use the lamp and Witcher Senses to find more clues. Go up two more floors and at the end of all this you'll find a lever that opens a door in the corner.

Through the secret door you'll find chests to loot and then activate your senses for more clues, and use the lamp to talk to the ghost and either help her or refuse. We recommend helping here.

If you don't help the ghost

If you don't help her you'll be in for a fight. Now go back outside and fight her again, then go to the point marked on the map and talk to the lover. After this you'll go back to the tower fighting wraiths to get there, then go back to the room where you met the ghost before returning to Keira's hut.

Helping the ghost

If you decide to help the ghost you won't fight her. Go outside the tower to the boat by the water. Sail over to the northern marker and knock on the door of the hut. After this cutscene head away, but turn back the moment you hear a scream. Back at the hut you'll find Graham dead. Now go back to Keira's hut and speak to here.

This completes the quest and opens up A Favor For a Friend.

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