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The Walking Dead Season 3 teaser trailer released

A familiar face returns in the first trailer for Telltale's The Walking Dead Season 3.

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The Walking Dead Season 3 teaser trailer released

The trailer, revealed during an IGN Live stream ahead of E3, shows Clementine calmly putting a zombie down with a gunshot. She's travelling with a mysterious male companion. Of course, this raises plenty of questions about how they're going to handle the multiple endings of season 2.

In an interview with IGN last month, comic creator Robert Kirkman teased that the new season would tie into the comics in interesting ways. The trailer doesn't seem to give any hints (the 'mark' they're highlighting in the trailer doesn't, to my knowledge, come from the books), but it does show off the updated graphics engine Telltale are using, which will also be used for their new Batman game

The Walking Dead Season 2 wrapped up in 2013.

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