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The Walking Dead: 400 Days out in July, is DLC

TellTale has cleared up some of our confusion regarding 400 Days, confirming that the July release is DLC for the first season despite presenting a standalone story.

According to GameInformer, you'll need to own Season One of The Walking Dead to play 400 Days, as it's a DLC episode.

You can play 400 Days without finishing Season One, but TellTale doesn't recommend it as your choices from earlier episodes wil carry over into the new content. On the bright side, if you really want to skip the award-winning first season, the choices you make in 400 Days will also carry forward to Season Two; character deaths are a possibility.

400 Days will cost $5 or regional equivalent, and is due in July. It will also release as part of a Vita bundle in August.

As previously detailed, the episode has five characters whose stories can be played in any order - with each section having effects on the other.

The stories presented range from day one of the outbreak right up to the titular day 400, all within the vicinity of the Georgia highway.

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