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The VG247 Community Awards 2008

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Well, this has been fun. We're coming close to wrapping up 2008's gaming news and our first year in existence.

We couldn't have done it without you, people of the internet. To show how grateful we are that you turn up here and waste your lives talking s**t about games every day, we're launching the VG247 Community Awards. Just to show we love you.

There are even prizes. That's right: prizes. Do you deserve one? Do you think someone else deserves one? All you have to do is vote. Here are the categories:

  • Best Poster - This is the biggie. We don't care what your definition of "best" is. It's up to you. Whoever wins this gets a boxed copy of Guitar Hero World Tour, with instruments, for PS3.
  • Funniest Poster - That's "funny ha-ha", not "funny mental illness". Because mental illness isn't funny. Unless you have mad laughing disease. The winner gets a promo copy of Fallout 3 for 360.
  • The Seriez Busnez Award - Don't talk to him: he'll kill you with sincerity. You vote for the the most uptight, f**k-headed forum hardman here. He/she wins The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon (promo) for 360.
  • The Trade Machine Award - Who brings most to the community table when stats and installed bases are the order of the day? Who wanks over NPDs? A promo copy of Fable II for this.
  • Post of the Year Award - Has a single comment post blown you away? Have you been withered by words? Whoever put syllables in the best order wins a retail copy of Dead Space for PS3.
  • Fanboy of the Year Award - He can't help himself. He's the best hardware troll on the site. He wins promo copies of Shaun White Snowboarding and Crash: Mind over Mutant for 360.

To vote, send an email with your nominations to patrick [at] We'll announce the winners next Thursday, December 11, so the prizes should get to where they're going before Christmas.

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