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The Splatoon Global Testfire is back for one more round on May 23

WiiU owners get a second chance to play Splatoon ahead of the release for just one hour on May 23.


The Global Testfire event a couple of weeks ago was insanely fun, and gave players hands-on time in the 4-v-4 mode Turf War. Now you lucky ducks get a second go at diving into the action on Saturday May 23 at 11pm UK time.

If you didn't get the chance to take part last time, you can pop over to the WiiU eShop and download the free demo which should be available now.

Don't forget, if you download the demo, you can claim a 10% discount at the eShop between May 29 and June 4. Although with the Special Editions floating around with the squid and inkling Amiibo, you might be tempted to forgo the discount in favour of getting an inkling thrown into the bargain. I know I will.

See you on Saturday May 24 at 11pm!

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