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Missed the Splatoon Global Testfire event? Take a look at our squid-tastic gameplay

If you missed the Splatoon Global Testfire over the weekend, don't fret. We've got gameplay and more for you, right here.

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The Global Testfire rolled out on Saturday - over three 1 hour periods - giving us a taste of the Turf War multiplayer mode, and it was awesome.

The character creator was pretty basic in the demo, but as we've seen from the previous Nintendo Directs, as soon as you make it to the plaza, you can kit out your Inkling with all sorts of clothes and accessories to make it the snazziest squid on the block.

Along with the multiplayer modes, there's a single player campaign that will have you traverse various stages and face down bosses to defeat the octopuses who are causing havoc for the squids - because they're gross and scary and it's about time someone acknowledged that.

Of course, there was no voice chat, but Nintendo have already told us that they're not including the feature because people are horrible. Well, some people. But the phrase system in the demo was adorable, so no harm done.

Splatoon releases on May 28 in Japan, and on May 29 for the rest of world.

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